Remittance Services

Cost-effective pan-African remittance platform

Our platform connects your organisation directly to a pan-African network of banks and payout providers. By cutting out middlemen and empowering local banks to set cost-effective rates, CSL Pay saves you money and gives you complete transparency on pricing. Our remittance clients also benefit from having a range of services:

Bank Transfer

With direct connectivity to local banks, payments can be made to beneficiaries at the lowest transfer rates available in the market today via manual or automated payouts through single API connectivity, totally eliminating the need for middlemen and reducing the total cost of remittance services

Cash Pickup

By partnering with local financial service providers, CSL Pay supports a large number of cash collection points. Where you do not have a Cash Pick-up system in place, we will provide you with our platform at no cost.

Mobile Money

By connecting to multiple mobile money operators, CSL Pay provides a cost-effective channel for paying into beneficiary mobile money accounts wherever they are across countries in Africa. To find out more about our services, speak to a member of our team.

Our Platform

Currently operating in Nigeria, Ghana and Zambia, the platform was built by top financial services technology providers and operates with the backing of CSL Capital UK Limited, a London-based member of FCMB Group Plc (the first indigenously owned banking group in Nigeria).We built CSL Pay to be the one place to manage multiple digital and cash payments across Africa. CSL Pay connects our technology to a vast network of banks, mobile operators, and utility providers across Africa, passing on economies of scale to CSL Pay users.

Foreign Exchange

The CSL Pay connects remittance providers directly to a pan-African network of banking and foreign exchange trading partners. By cutting out the middlemen, such as FX aggregators, and empowering local banks to set their own competitive rates, CSL Pay users benefit from savings and pricing transparency.

Post Funding

We provide a line of credit for our tier 1 remittance clients thereby paying local currency obligations before your funds arrive.