CSL Pay is a platform that connects organisations directly with trusted African banking and pay-out partners. It provides a simple access point for all of your payments, with complete transparency on pricing. It provides various services and there are different Api endpoints for the services provided.

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Find below some of the services, with their description, Api endpoints and the flow:

Bill Payment Workflow

The Bill payment service can be used for bill payment transactions; it can be used to view billers, and products and to select a product to be paid for.
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1 - Get a list of bill payment categories in a country
2 - Get the list of billers linked to a category

Endpoint service/executeBillPaymentBillersUsingPOST


For Example


This above endpoint returns the list of billers under a specific category in a country. The service_id is obtained from the request in step 1.

3 - Get a list of biller items linked to a biller



For Example


This above endpoint returns the list of products under a category and biller in a specific country. The service_id and operator_id are gotten from the requests in step 1 and 2.