All the information you need to get started with the API

Read our functional guides on how to code for specific tasks

Get in touch for support from our development team

STEP 1 - Read the documentation

We suggest that you read the API Doc to get familiar with the API components

STEP 2 - Sign Up for API

Request access to the API by filling the form button below. This will give you access to log into and create your TEST API key.

STEP 3 - Use the TEST API

The TEST API is connected to our TEST environment, which calls real data but executes trades in a TEST environment and does not execute LIVE payments.

STEP 4 - Start LIVE transactions with SHE

Contact us to discuss opening a LIVE account. We recommend you talk to us at the start of your project so that we can advise you on the best direction to take to be fully integrated with SHE from a technical and compliance point of view. We will also take you through the on-boarding process and run any testing that is required to get you up and running. This includes getting your API key for access to the LIVE environment.

STEP 5 - Commence Payments

After successful on-boarding, you will be ready to use our LIVE environment to make payments in and across Africa.